Dr. med. F. Nassir

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At our gynaecologic practice, we provide high-quality, holistic care. Under the keynote of “complete service”, we offer all diagnostic and therapeutic methods to give you the best possible care – from preventative health and starting a family, to pregnancy and treating ailments and illnesses.

Expertise, individualised care and the best possible service for our patients

Thanks to ongoing national and international training courses, the care we provide and our diagnostic techniques are state-of-the-art and exceed standard practice by a wide margin. But aside from our technical expertise, we have an open ear for your concerns.

Individualised treatment is just as important to us as providing a service tailored to your needs: efficient administration and short waiting times, swiftly arranged appointments, personalised pregnancy calendars and consultations in English or French. We endeavour to foster your feeling of well-being and to build a personalised and supportive patient-doctor relationship. That’s why we make sure we have enough time for your consultation.


Prenatal diagnostics are a core part of modern care for mothers-to-be. As well as special, high-end diagnostic equipment, prenatal examinations require a great deal of experience and specialised training, which is extended and kept up-to-date at national and international congresses.

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